An evening debate among several Christian organizations and networks in Brussels and two candidates to the European Parliament (Dr. Buchner from the Greens and Mr. Schwab from the EPP) titled ‘The Christian voice at the European elections’ took place on the 10th April. The debate touched upon the main long-term economic, social and environmental challenges Europe and the whole of humanity is facing today, with the intent of bringing values back to the center of the European agenda rather than economic interests. This was also the first occasion the ‘The Fair Times’ campaign was presented. A campaign focused on sustainable consumption and production patterns, highlighting its importance for Europe to be able to answer to the climate urgency, to the ‘solidarity crisis’ and to bring about a shift in our system where people and planet come first! Christian organisations, together with many other civils society actors, are already working hard to call for sustainable lifestyles, to support and promote sustainable initiatives. Now it’s time for European policies to back those efforts!