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Who has supported
the campaign?

List of MEP candidates that have supported The Fair Times campaign:

Janina Ochojska Koalicja – Poland – Europejska
Robert Biedroń – Poland –  Wiosna
Beata Maciejewska – Poland – Wiosna
Danuta Heubner – Poland- Koalicja Europejska
Hubert Walczyński – Poland – KKW Lewica Razem
Ewa Sufin– Jacquemart – Poland – Koalicja Europejska
Kosma Złotowski – Poland – PiS
Jerzy Buzek – Poland- Koalicja Europejska
Magdalena Adamowicz – Poland – Koalicja Europejska
Piotr Apel – Poland- Kukiz 15
Anita Sowińska – Poland – Wiosna
Piotr Traczyk – Poland – Wiosna
Michalina Daria Artysiewicz – Poland – KKW Lewica Razem
Szymon Andrzejewski – Poland – KKW Lewica Razem

This campaign is supported by the
following networks :

Fairtrade Poland

MaY Poland

Polish Fair Trade Association

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